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Chaconnect's ChuanYi brings about a new dimension to Puer (aka Puerh by many) tea drinking! We cater not just to the traditional tea drinkers but also to the young millennials by turning Chinese tea drinking experience into something SIMPLE and FUN!

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ChuanYi Puer Tea (传忆普洱茶)

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ChuanYi Customers

ChuanYi Customers

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ChuanYi Puer Tea

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Sweet Indulgences?

Fret not if you have a sweet tooth! ChuanYi Puer Tea is great with desserts to help keep the balance!

Simply Healthy!

We made it simple for you to drink Puer with our "Dragonball" sphere-shaped ChuanYi Puer Tea!

ChuanYi Tea Cups

Our nicely crafted, modern-looking ChuanYi cup, allows you to enjoy your many cups of ChuanYi Puer Tea easily with just one of our "Dragonballs" !