ChuanYi Puer "Sheng" Tea (传忆普洱生茶)
ChuanYi Puer "Sheng" Tea (传忆普洱生茶)

ChuanYi Puer "Sheng" Tea (传忆普洱生茶)

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ChuanYi Puer "Sheng" Tea


7g*15 spheres/bag (7克*15颗/袋)

Total Weight (总量): 105g (105克)

Estimated Dimensions of Bag with Contents (包装大小的预计): 11.5 cm X 16.5 cm X 4.5 cm



Now you have an easier way to drink Puer tea! With the tea now shaped like a sphere in a ready-to-use form, you can simply drop the ball of tea into your cup together with the hot water! Rinse away the first cup of tea and have another pour of hot water into the cup of tea leaves again! In a matter of seconds, your tea will be ready for enjoyment! Drink up and savor the health benefits!